Review of Stereo Skyline – “Stuck on Repeat”


Stereo Skyline – Stuck on Repeat
Record Label: Columbia Records
Release Date: July 20, 2010

 Long Island is known for introducing us to the likes of Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw, and Envy on the Coast just to name a few. In this same scene you also have bands such as Stereo Skyline. Stereo Skyline has been touring non stop with bands such as Hey Monday, Boys Like Girls, We The Kings, A Rocket To The Moon, and playing festivals such as the Bamboozle. After two years of non-stop touring and various lineup changes, Stereo Skyline finally releases their debut album Stuck on Repeat, followed by their very first headlining tour.

Stuck on Repeat showcases the work of Blake Healey (Former Metro Station) and also features some work from S*A*M and Sluggo. The album is well produced, the instruments and vocals sound clean, everything is neat and organized.

Stuck on Repeat is only damaged by one thing: the extremely cliché, cheesy lyrics that will make you cringe. Lyrics like the ones from “Back to the Future” make the album sound like it could have been written by a high school student in love: “Picked up my phone to see if you were texting me / You said get out of bed / Let’s take a ride inside my time machine.

Stereo Skyline can be classified as a boy band. They have the sound, the lyrics, and the looks. This is not a pop/punk record, this is not a rock record. This is a straight forward power-pop album. If you enjoy pop music, boy bands, or the likes of There For Tomorrow, The Downtown Fiction, Mercy Mercedes, and the other bands that are increasing in popularity in ‘the scene’. The album definitely shows growth from their self released debut EP, although the sound did not change much. Stuck on Repeat is a good effort as the bands debut LP that will most likely launch them into success in the music scene. 


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